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Riedon’s selection of Current Shunts for the Solar Industry range from 5A to 1200A with outputs of either 50mV or 100mV. In Solar Panel installations, for the monitoring of DC current flowing out of the battery, it is important to install a measurement device such as a current shunt. The shunt measures the current draw of the battery system as well as the real-time voltage.

There are several essential battery parameters which need to be measured such as State of Charge, Capacity, Voltage, and Current. These parameters can be displayed using a shunt-based monitor. This type of monitor, installed with a current shunt, can be very accurate because it measures the actual energy flowing into and out of the battery.

The diagram below is a typical power distribution system of a solar panel installation. In this circuit, the shunt is placed between the inverter and the negative side of the battery bank. This is a simple illustration intended to show the shunt location and does not include other components such as the charge controller and display monitor. The diagram also shows our Fuse Block product for the DC protection of the circuit.




Riedon’s solar industry customers, especially the installers and distributors, have been choosing our RSA and RSN current shunts to meet their customer’s DC measurement requirements.