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Our new SSA smart shunts are a new way of maximizing current sensing accuracy while simplifying implementation. This is the industry's first reinforced isolation high power shunt module with analog output to take on hall sensing.

Our SSA Smart Current Sensor is accurate, compact and stable with no need for load resistors or a balanced power supply. We are over 50% smaller, lighter, and more accurate than the competition. Not just more accurate, it's five times more accurate.

This is ideal for many industries including renewable energy, battery systems & inverters, industrial controls, motor drives for automobiles and other vehicles, and many more. This is truly a smart shunt for the 21st century.


  • 0.1% Tolerance
  • 100A to 1000A
  • 1500VDC Reinforced Isolation
  • Amplified Output
  • Differential Output
  • Compared to Hall Effect Technology
  • Superior Overall Current Measurement Accuracy
  • Unipolar Power Supply
  • Lower Temperature Drift
  • No Periodic Calibration
  • Higher operating temperature range